Monday, March 14, 2011

Lots of new stuff and March's Contest!

First things first: NEW STUFF!
Oink Pigments Worsted now comes in 6 more colors!

From left to right: Painting the Roses Red, Melon-choly, Sunny with a Chance of Peaches, Three-Leaf Clover, Mr. Blue Eyes. and Cotton Candy Clouds

You may recognize the names of some of these from their semi-solid sock counterparts, but these are new and improved semi-solids!
(The old sock versions are on CLEARANCE! So hurry up and snag those before they disappear!)

We also have 2 new keychain colorways: Ex-Boyfriend's Sweater and Teal Appeal

Also, you may have seen posts and Oinks about the new Patterns section of the online store.
There are THREE patterns in there now; Ruffles- a fingerless glove pattern, Peacock Feathers- a lacy toe-up sock pattern, and Baby Valentine Dress- a cute baby dress that features a heart lace pattern.
And hopefully more will be on their way soon!

Second on the agenda: March's Contest!

This month we are doing something kind of fun- Name that Colorway!
There are 3 new Sock colorways that are joining the family, but they need your help finding a name! The winner will receive a skein of the colorway they named, so make sure you think of a good one for the one you want the most!

1. grey with bits of white and black

2. forest green with tan, grey, and a light straw color

3. hot pink, peachy oranges, and yellows

So just send an email to with your entry (be sure to let me know which colorway you are naming- either by number or description)!
The names that will be chosen will be ones that best fit the colorway and also work well with all of the other Oink Pigments names.

Rules: One entry per colorway per person. 
Deadline for submission is Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 11:59pm.

Can't wait to see all of the names you guys come up with! Good luck!

Wow, that's a lot of stuff going on! Hope I didn't forget anything!



  1. 1 - Cloudy with a chance of knitting
    2 - Lily pad
    3 - Tropical Sunrise

  2. 1. Three Piece Suit - reminds of colors you see in a man's suit and tie. Love these all together!

    2. Beach Glass - I have a friend in Ireland who collects beach glass and stones from the beaches there and it's all these colors: spring green, taupe, tan, grey, etc.

    3. Summer Fruit Salad - reminds me of fresh cantaloupe, orange slices, watermelon, etc. Yummy!

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  4. 1. Shadow Puppets - This yarn makes me think of making bunnies and crocodiles on the wall when I was younger :D

    2. Fungus Amongus - like moldy bread, in an awesome way.

    3. Strawberry Daquiri - (changed my mind on this last one) I went to a fancy steakhouse last night with the boyfriend, and the strawberry Daquiri I bought reminded me of this COMPLETELY! The way the pink pops in this yarn with the creamier colors makes me want to go back and get another drink.

  5. 1) Printing Press OR Putting on the Ritz!

    2) Hunting Season

    3) Grapefruit peel