Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New and improved!

Lots of things have been changed and/or updated today!

There are all new pictures of all of the colors on the colorways page and in the store. All pictures are shown in Oink Pigments Worsted and swatches were knit on size 8's. Some colors have been discontinued, but don't worry new ones are on their way!

The way ordering works in the online store has also been changed. As opposed to yarns being dyed to order, there is now a stock of yarn. If you would like to order a color that is out of stock, there is a $5 charge for 1-2 skeins of the same color, and no charge for 3+ skeins. Custom colors now fall in the same requirements.

All keychains are only $1, as they are being discontinued. Whatever is in stock is all there is, so make sure to snag the ones you want.

In the CLEARANCE section right now are skeins of discontinued colors, and there are still a few old versions of some of the semi-solids.

There is a new section in the online store : Yarn Fairy and OOPS. This section has a random assortment of yarns. The Yarn Fairy colors are colors that just sort of happened, and aren't actual colorways. The OOPS colors are regular Oink Pigments colors that had an accident in the dyeing process, or just didn't come out quite right.

I think that is all of the new and improved things that happened today.

Be on the lookout for all new colors coming very soon!

That's all for now! :@)