Monday, January 30, 2012

SALE! and few other things

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so silent on my end recently; wedding planning sort of took over my life! But that's all done now because the wedding was January 21, 2012! ^_^
Hopefully I will be updating more now that I am not stressing over that.

Just a few things today:

~A bunch of new listings were just posted in the Etsy Shop! So go check out all of the yummy yarn! Also, I am working on re-taking all of the pictures. Most are done, but some aren't and will be re-taken tomorrow (they still have new pictures, they will just get better ones tomorrow).

~While you are there, check out all of the stuff that is on SALE! All pink, purple, and red yarns are on sale until February 14, 2012 for Valentine's Day. (The listing prices will already reflect the sale price; there is no code or coupon.)

~Oink Pigments is going to be in a review Podcast on Knitcircus ( that should be up tonight (if it's not, it will be in the next day or so)! Please check it out! :@) Also, Oink Pigments is going to be in a book published later this spring.

~Oink Pigments will also be in 2 different sock clubs this year! In May we will be in the Woolgirl sock club, and in June we will be in sock club. I should have a bit more info on those once we get closer to those months.

~I am in the works of a few new patterns and will be needing some test knitters once they are done. More details on that once I am ready for testing.

That's all for now! :@)