Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Lexi is going on vacation for a week! Any orders made will be fulfilled as soon as I come back (10/1/10)!

See ya later! :@)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Color Samples and Custom Yarns

Just a quick update!

The "Color Samples" section of the store is now actually fully accurate and has all of the base colors that I currently have. Colors may vary from picture! Now for those of you who want to special order, can see all of the colors and tell me what you want! I can of course mix colors or change the intensity of them, but this will at least give you the gist of it. :@)

On a similar note, there is now a "Custom Color" as a purchasable yarn. There is a little description box where you write what you would like; but if it's not big enough or you need to explain more (or include a drawing, inspirational picture, etc.) just send an email.

I'm working on some things that hopefully will be functional soon; I'm just not exactly sure when, but you guys will know ASAP!